How We Found Ourselves Here

Who doesn’t love food? I found myself making mud pies (for the aesthetics of course), eating dirt pocked carrots from the garden from an early age, and have come to love the taste of fresh tomatoes so much that the anticipation starts months before the time of year when they start to ripen. I consider myself lucky to have had the experiences with food that I have. In contrast, I believe the systems of agriculture that feed our country have become more closely tuned to corporate atmospheres where profits often overshadow quality. When shipping becomes a factor, produce is picked before it’s time, and this means sacrificing taste and nutritional value. Information about the waste involved in grocery stores is becoming common knowledge as well, and having worked at one, I know what that looks like. Continually frustrated by the common practices in place, I found myself wanting to see less waste and higher quality – without the premium that quality and accountability seemed to be demanding.

The good news is, I wasn’t alone. Many people from different generations have recognized the shift in our food industry, and we are seeing them shift it back. Through supporting the change they wish to see, conscious consumers are standing up for themselves. Small businesses are popping up to meet the demand, and we feel inspired to help provide a different sort of grocery experience.

We want to share the opportunity to taste those tomatoes that ripened yesterday, and see the variety that is available for our exploration. Colour, taste and texture can be an everyday adventure when carrots aren’t always orange, you can smell the apples from fifty feet away, and beets can practically melt in your mouth they are so tender. You will see for yourself – yellow and orange tomatoes are much sweeter, with less acidity than your typical rosy reds and black tomatoes are packed with the antioxidant anthocyanin. When produce is picked ripe, the taste is much more complex and the nutritional content has had time to develop further.

We are young, energetic, and have knowledge and ideas to share with those interested in living life with as much verve as is available, minus the environmental impact. We want to integrate community in business – to better serve the people it is enticing. We choose to share abundance and health through the tools we have at our disposal, and advocate stewardship for the environment with which we coexist. When our environment is healthy, we prosper as a direct result.

This is the richness of life that is available to everyone, if we make it our collective mission. Good food is not only for the privileged, and we hope our passion will be your pleasure.

~ Yara O’Reilly

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