In Season


Stay Tuned

Thank you to all our loyal customers for your interest in our fresh produce. We are sorry to say we won’t be offering the boxes this year, or attending any markets in part due to the current state of affairs as well as personal choices.

Alternatively, please visit for information on the farm’s new strawberry U-Pick and available shares! This new program is coming from the same base of operations where we had our gardens, and is run by the woman who taught me everything I know about all things green and growing: Denise O’Reilly.

She will be offering bedding plants as well, so make sure to get an order in while supplies last to start your own garden at home. If you lack the space, keep in mind that container gardens can yield considerable gains from balconies, window sills, or decks. And not only can these compact versions serve as a boon to your wallet, but tending a garden of any kind has proven health benefits; from getting out in the fresh air to microbes in soil that can improve mood. I have always found the practice of caring for plants to be deeply meditative, and in these confusing times a worthwhile project is a welcome opportunity.

Take care and stay healthy!

-Yara O’Reilly

For more information, and for special requests Contact Us

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